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50m HDMI / CAT5/6 Extender with IR, PoE & Distance Equaliser - allowing for short & long distance runs of CAT5/6

£59.59 inc vat

Part Reference: PROHDMIEX50M




50m HDMI over CAT5/6/7 Extender with IR, PoE Distance Equaliser - allowing for short long distance runs of CAT5/6/7

This HDMI Extender over a single CAT5e/6/7 with IR extends high definition video signals, audio signals and IR at a distance of up to 164ft/50m. Features EDID management, which allows and encourages source and display 'handshake' for seamless integration.


  • Single CAT cable with dip switch distance equalisation.
  • HDMI loop through for local TV.
  • Auto EDID - allowing for short long distance runs of CAT5/6/7.
  • PoE (one power supply needed).
  • Supplied with an IR kit, for Infra Red to one extra TV .
  • Small discreet design, wall mountable.
  • Extends 1080p@60Hz video, audio IR up to 50m over CAT5e/6/7.

    This unit has dip switches on the side (EQ) that can be used to compensate for short or long runs of cable.
    CAT6 cable is recommended for use with this device
    Issues with no picture or intermittent  picture can usually be resolved by reducing resolution. 
Product Compliant With IR





SHA1 04FF4A086A30AE93087C3EC817BABD223D00529E

EX50m and 4K Extender: No picture on the TV.

  • It’s important to ensure that the extender is been used within the range of the resolution that it is designed for.
  • Many issues can be easily resolved by reducing the resolution of the output device (Blu-ray player/satellite receiver etc...)
  • Long cable runs are less likely to work at higher resolutions especially if using the cheaper CAT5 cable. CAT6 cable is preferred.
  • Also ensure that the RJ45 plugs are correctly fitted.
  • Always use T568B plug configuration: CAT cable is designed to reduce interference by using different lengths of cable, twisted in a determined way.
  • Data signals are sent over the wire using a differential method. With tighter twists, any interference received by the cable is more likely to affect both wires in a pair equally, resulting in no change in the difference between them. This allows greater data capacity over longer distances. The tighter twists also suppress noise created by the cable because the magnetic field from one cable in the  pair is cancelled by it’s other, making it less prone to interference, T568B is to be used with these extenders.

TVs are randomly switched on or off in a different room as I turn on TV in another.

Check that smart HDMI control (CEC) is switch OFF on all devices. This can cause issues when more than one pair of devices (2+ TVs) are connected to a system. This will have different names depending on the device manufacturer. Common names include Hitachi: HDMI-CEC,  LG: SimpLink, Mitsubishi: NetCommand, Panasonic: Viera Link or HDAVI Control, Philips: EasyLink, Pioneer: Kuro Link,  Samsung: Anynet+, Sharp: Aquos Link, Sony: Bravia Sync or Bravia Link, Toshiba: Regza Link or CE-link, SKY: HDMI Control.

If when connected through a CAT5 extender you get a noisy or sparkly picture (see image) then it is usually due to the length of the cable between the extenders.
White flecks/spots on the picture (see above) are caused by either too much signal or too little. Usually caused by the length of cable between the extenders.
Reducing (for short runs of cable) or increasing (For long runs of cable) signal level can be done by using the dip switches found on our Proception 1080p and 4K extender. 

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