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4-Way WLAN Controller 48v 72W POE Auto Detect and Mange AP Layer 2 & 3 network, NAT remote access. Support roaming, Auto WiFi analysis, VLAN Support load balancing with policy config

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Part Reference: PROAPG4



PROception WiFi

4-Way WLAN Gateway Controller 48v 72W POE

The ProWiFi controller is a Gigabit High performance WLAN AC controller with AC gateway and authentication functions to help easily manage the ProWiFI range of In-Wall, ceiling and CPE range of Wireless Access points. Ideal for larger environments such as hotels, schools, shopping centers and restaurants.


  • Support for seamless wireless roaming and auto Wi-Fi channel analysis.
  • Access point RF power control is adjustable via the interface to reduce interference and manage more efficient roaming for improved wireless network connectivity.
  • Supports removal of weak signal Access points. Smart recognition and the ability to automatically delete or disable the AP with a low (customizable) signal level. • Supports load balancing, based on the number of users connected.
  • The controller can allocate users to different Access points based on the policies configured.
  • Supports AC and AP in layer 2 and layer 3 networks AC across NAT to remote manage all wireless Access points.
For use with Ceiling and In-Wall Access Points

The 5 Port 48V PoE switch is for use with the ceiling (PROAPCEILING) and in-wall (PROAPW300L, PROAPW750L and PROAPW1200) access points.

Click here to take a look at PROception Wi-Fi's technical feature page.

Functionality & Power Supply Compatibility Chart:

Mbps 300Mbps 750Mbps 1200Mbps 1200Mbps 900Mbps
Dual Band 2.4GHz only Yes Yes Yes No 5GHz only
RJ45 Port Yes Yes No No No
Wave2 No No Yes Yes No
Variable Power Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual MIMO No No Yes Yes No
Auto Reboot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beam Forming No No Yes Yes No
Load Balancing & Smart Roaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PROAPPOE11(24V) No No No No Yes
PROAPPOE11(48V) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
PROAPPOE14(48V) Yes Yes Yes Yes No



SHA1 6D12DB1DDAC2B020F6E46959402318C42DE7D187



SHA1 011C06C5B0CA855F110C568A075E27013E1BE330

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